Sonu Venugopal

Stand-up comic. Digital Creator. Radio Professional. Improviser. Part-time mom.

Stand-up Comedy

Gandhi class might not be the best in a classroom or a cinema hall, but it is one of the best Kannada comedy collectives in Bengaluru. We don’t promise any Gandhian ideals in the show, except for swadeshi locally grown comedians talking about local topics with ease while trying very hard to show off their non-obvious (and perhaps non-existent) sense of humor. A Gandhi class seat in the Gandhi class show is the place to be, whenever we are performing!

We have performed to sold-out audiences all over Karnataka and our videos have been collectively watched over 15M times on YouTube. Recently renamed ourselves to Tharle Box, which is brought to you by Multibox Entertainment. Make sure you subscribe to Tharle Box channel for more content:

Within Tharle Box, Sonu is known for her slice of life comedy that is mainly influenced by people around her, delivered in her impeccable Uttara Karnataka style.