Sonu Venugopal

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Krithika (9th 'B')

Krithika studies in 9th standard 'B' section in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Hebbal. Her mother is the maths teacher in the school. Krithika is the last bencher in the class, for multiple reasons. Her teachers think she is tall and hence should sit in last bench. Other students want to stay out of trouble and want Krithika to sit in last bench. Krithika thinks she is too cool to sit with Monitor in first bench. Krithika has answers to all questions and excuses for all occasions. She exaggerates everything, including her marks in test. Krithika is fearless when she quarrels with Monitor, Manoj and the likes, but only afraid of test papers and report cards.

You cannot meet Krithika during school in 9th 'B', so meet her on Instagram at: