Sonu Venugopal

Stand-up comic. Digital Creator. Actor. Improviser. Part-time mom. 

Sonu Venugopal is a stand-up comic, digital creator, actor, improviser and a radio professional based out of Bengaluru. She is a seasoned radio professional and voice artist with over 8 years of on-air and off-air experience in both Hindi and Kannada radio industry hosting top rated radio shows such as "Bollywood Cafe" and "City Maatu" in Bengaluru. You can now find her doing stand-up and improv comedy, hosting events, screenwriting, acting, cooking, or acting as if cooking! Fluent in Kannada, English and Hindi, Sonu has created and performed standup comedy content that has been watched 4M+ times online and sold out live shows across Karnataka. Her best cooked Kannada comedy video series called "Baaju Mani Kaaku" is growing 70+ episode strong and gathered 3M+ views. She has an active social media presence with over 15K+ followers on Facebook and 220K+ followers on Instagram, where she has actively collaborated with different brands. She received the "Best Entertainer" award at the Karnataka Women Achievers' Awards (KWAA), 2018. A recent mom, she is trying to be funny to her year old daughter but only fart sounds and fake moustaches seem to work so far. 


Stand-up, Improv and Sketch Comedy; Acting and Theatre; Cinema and Screenwriting; Travel and Lifestyle

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