Sonu Venugopal

Stand-up comic. Digital Creator. Radio Professional. Improviser. Part-time mom. 

Stand-up Comedy

As one of the leading stand-up comics in Karnataka, Sonu Venugopal has performed to sold-out audiences all over Karnataka. Sonu is known for her slice of life comedy that is mainly influenced by people around her, delivered in her impeccable Uttara Karnataka style. As one of the very few women stand-up comics that perform in Kannada, she brings the much needed and much more funny perspective of women around us to comedy. A family comic, her show attracts a multi-generational audience and we can see audiences bringing both their parents and children to her shows, a unique proposition in the world of stand-up comedy. 

Her latest solo special "Punyakoti", Sonu takes inspiration from the legendary holy cow, Punyakoti, to impart valuable life lessons with a side-splitting twist. With a curated collection of hilarious observations and personal experiences, Sonu will keep you entertained for a memorable comedy extravaganza. She has been touring with her standup comedy solo special across the state, and now she plans to take the show International. 

She has also spoken on humor at TEDx events:

In the past, she has been a part of the TharleBox comedy collective, whose videos have been collectively watched over 15M times on YouTube. 

A list of Sonu's standup comedy shows published on YouTube can be found below (or here): Her videos have gathered over 4.4M views on YouTube. 

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