Sonu Venugopal

Stand-up comic. Digital Creator. Radio Professional. Improviser. Part-time mom.

Uncle Sheshadri

In his own words,

"Hello Behens and Baabis, I am retired bank employee living in Malleshwaram, Bangalore. I am also the self-appointed president of 19th Cross Residents Welfare Association mainly to organize meetings every Sunday and enjoy SKC (Sweet-Khara-Coffee) away from the sight of my wife Rama. I am also secretary of bank pensioners association and admin for retired employees WhatsApp group. I go for walks and talks with my former colleague and current friend Mr. Shashidhar, whose children have been exported to America but their university T-shirts have been imported to India. I am serious about protecting my home from dogs and dog owners, flower stealers and wheelie boys. During normal days, I spend my time with sugarless coffee, newspapers, news channels, local news, street news and engaging in deep discussions with vegetable vendors in 8th Cross market. I provide advice to everyone on priority basis, especially when they don't need it. In my spare time, I learn Hindi, interview celebrities, write letters to editors and watch MasterChef Malleshwaram. Rama does not know I secretly try MasterChef recipes at home when I am alone, please don't tell her otherwise she will ask me to cook everyday."

You can meet Uncle Sheshadri at 6.30 am in front of 18th Cross milk booth or on Instagram: